Executive Statement

GenBio Inc is an early-stage biotechnology company that researches novel therapeutics from a variety of extracts. GenBio has, based on recent USA research, created an Investigational New Drug (IND) research program from novel natural compounds that are highly effective as anti-inflammatory agents.

GenBio has secured the services of a director who has been involved and directed international research into rare extracts since 2010. He initially worked alongside the pioneering investigational scientific teams who made a major medical breakthrough with the natural extract; subsequently he amassed further research worldwide with other scientific teams also investigating specific properties for the same new, disruptive molecular platforms for pain relief, anti-inflammation and age-related healthcare issues.

In 2014, he was the first individual to bring the rare extract to the USA for further phytochemical research. The subsequent and completely unexpected scientific findings, which have global implications for medicine, means that it is imperative to take the extract through an Investigational New Drug Program (IND), then divest or license at IND Phase 1 inflexion point.

GenBio is led by a very highly experienced international executive team in this rare category and aims to be the first company in the world to isolate and fractionate core molecules based on its remarkable scientific findings from the USA.

Our Keys To Success:

  • GenBio can build on the USA research breakthrough and rapidly develop a new class of inhibitors.
  • GenBio has specialized scientific research teams ready to begin the IND research program once funds are secured.
  • GenBio has significant confidential research expertise in this category, unrivalled by any competitor.
  • GenBio will address a market gap with an entirely new generation of anti-inflammatory platforms and molecules with lower toxicity and increased efficacy due to multiple pathway targeting.
  • SARS-CoV-19: GenBio Inc is fast tracking its proprietary NME and NCE that inhibits both the pathogens P. aeruginosa and Klebsiella pneumoniae – known bacteria associated with secondary infections that can cause significant lung infections and damage. The goal is to inhibit pathogens in the throat prior to spreading to the lungs. Our program will possibly be fast tracked under the ‘CTAP’ FDA program. Research in this area is critical and as a key support during future pandemics. 
  • A second research program will focus on preventing a ‘cytokine storm’ and associated ‘flooding’ in the lungs. The research aims to develop an NME that both releases anti-inflammatory cytokines as well as suppress pro- inflammatory cytokines; this should decrease breathing difficulties in affected patients.
  • Focused exit strategy within 36 months at IND inflexion point 1.
  • Significant potential ROI based on conservative financial modelling.