GenBio Inc

A US-based Biotechnology Company

GenBio Inc is a start-up, pre-clinical USA based Biotechnology Company pioneering a comprehensive drug development program into novel small molecules specifically for anti-inflammatory conditions.

Our vision is to bring to market an entirely new class of anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of arthritis.

The Company’s research program leverages its in-depth knowledge and past research into the phytochemistry and bioactivity of an extract demonstrating outstanding medical properties.

Our research indicates never seen before bioactivity and phytochemistry of both the identified molecules and compounds which has the potential to be translated into a new range of drugs which will overcome many of the limitations inherent in existing drug treatments and modalities.

The Company believes it has discovered one of the great discoveries of the 21 Century.

The Company’s commercial strategy is to employ its proprietary drug discovery platform to generate novel therapeutic agents for use in distinct anti-inflammatory markets.

Our research program is carried out by specialist scientific teams in the USA and Canada, building off many years of ground-breaking academic research which has been conducted in secrecy worldwide.

The Company’s lead molecule has been demonstrated to inhibit several complementary pathways, enabling more potent and yet less toxic therapeutic intervention. Successful ring-fencing and protection of the ensuing Intellectual Property (IP) should help create an exclusive monopoly for the Company on an entire new class of highly valuable pharmaceutical, natural health and nutraceutical products and address an unmet need in the global marketplace.

Our drug program will advance the candidate through all FDA mandated dosage, efficacy and toxicology studies to Investigational New Drug (IND) application phase within 36-48 months.

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